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Silver State Tint is proud to offer glass tinting products that fit every budget. No matter what you drive, our automotive window film can give your vehicle a custom look that’s sleek, tasteful and eminently cool. Our products range from inexpensive dyed films, to carbon lifetime warranty films and high heat rejection ceramic films. Our high performance window tint films have industry-leading color stability, unprecedented clarity, and excellent UV and solar heat rejection. They feature the latest technological advances. 


What makes ceramic or carbon based film different from other types of film is the construction. Ceramic offers very high heat and glare reduction in very light, almost clear films. These films are designed to offer the best unaltered natural view possible. Ceramic is the best choice for your beautiful view. Ceramic films will not interfere with any wireless devices. These top of the line films are made with the finest raw materials  when the highest standards are desired.

Additional Services

Vinyl Wraps



Paint Protection

We offer vinyl wrapping to give your vehicle the ultimate customized look. From color change wraps to clear wraps for paint protection to keep your car looking brand new.

Our paint protection film is the most efficient way to protect your vehicle from road damages such as rocks, debris, stones and scratches. We install clear, invisible film on the leading edge of your car, truck, van, motorcycle, boat and other types of vehicles creating a shield to protect your vehicle against day to day damage.

The paint protection film can sometimes be referred to as "clear bra" can be waxed and maintained along with your vehicles paint to maintain the high gloss shine.



Energy Efficiency

You can lower your monthly cooling costs by up to 30% by applying solar control tint films to your home. With the latest advancements in Nano technology you can now eliminate the heat without blocking your view. Our 70% Nano ceramic tint films offer unprecedented solar heat reduction and clarity. Not only will window tint film keep you cooler in the hot summer months but it will extend the life of your existing A/C system. 


Privacy films allows for comfortable living in any room of your home without sacrificing natural light. 


Commercial window tinting spf uv protection


We have many different varieties and thicknesses of safety and security tints. Anti graffiti films protect glass against scratches, etches, and a fraction of the cost of replacing glass.

Decorative Film

We offer decorative and privacy tints for your conference rooms, offices, and more. Give your building an upgrade with glass finishes from frosted films to highly reflective exterior tint films.